Monday, February 11, 2013

Taking down the clouds

Currently I'm working on my new custom girl, it's a Blythe doll FBL mold. It's the second time I do an angel using the same human hair, I love it! I found it long time ago and now I don't remember where I bought it! Luckily I have enough quantity to made another complete reroot.

The face up is done too, I made the make up in soft pinky hues. I  don't remember if I still have white eyelashes. I have to take pictures of the face plate with better lighting for my archive.

The outfit consists in the angelical white dress with a pleated collar and lace down, a tiny feathered wings and some things that I have to think yet... perhaps socks and flower wreath for the head.

Soon she will be finished and her outfit will be available here .
Have a very nice week!