Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Diary 1 | Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Hi there!

I'm a bit busy lately, but happy to do what I love. Right now on my work-table there are two dresses for BlytheFest Australia, as a donation for the raffle. I really would love to be there for that amazing Blythe event. I hope someday the dream comes true! The dresses are one in teal colour and the other one in black, a new color that I am making especially for this occasion. Later, in winter, it will be available on pre-order in two more colours. The theme of the event is Dollywood so my dresses and their colours are inspired on the film Bettlejuice. I hope the winners like them.

I have dolls to customize too, four open girls for Carlota (aka. Howlita), Mar (aka. Carrusel de los Sueños), Gaby (aka. Cococoopodle05) and Raquel (aka. Tolé Tolé). The first doll I have to finish is the girl for Raquel to give her to her at the BlytheCon Europe in June and I will go on with the girl for Mar, who has been patiently waiting for a long time... Well... I know, I know! Gaby and Carlota have been waiting for a long time too! Thanks dears to be always kindly patient!!

I have to sew several dresses for trades, etc with some people such as Clara (aka. Zoe Favole) and another one that will be on sale next week here, on It will be the same dress worn by Lilo, one of my latest custom dolls, white plumetti fabric with lace and feathered wings, an angel dress. So stay tuned because, for the moment being, this will be the only dress with these lovely wings.

Finally, I would like to tell you that next month, in June, you can get the CuCu dresses (in pink, cream and teal colours with stripped sleeves) on my first pre-order.

Thanks for reading^^