Sunday, December 15, 2013

See you there! BCEU 2014 Amsterdam

Finally I got my ticket for BCEU 2014 in Amsterdam! I will attend as a visitor, not as a vendor, but it will be amazing to meet you all in Holland and spend a great time there.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tracking number list

Chan RR620043871ES
Silvia  RR620043369ES
Ellis  RR620043899ES
DouDou  RR620043430ES
Yvonne  RR620043505ES
Jill  RR620043868ES
Amprannee  RR620043576ES
Joy  RR620043908ES
Virginie  RR620043854ES
Ana  RR620043148ES
Mary  RR620043911ES
Sophia  RR620043219ES
Chen  RR620043284ES
Carolina  RR620043355ES
Montserrat  RR620043837ES
Laura  RR620043845ES
Isabelle  RR620043925ES
Eileen  RR620043942ES